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Greetings from Berlinale 2018!

It has been a wonderful first month-and-a-half since we took over The Arts House Screening Room and started showing the new films on our lineup. With my hardworking marketing manager Angelina and our volunteers Dan, Vanessa and Christine, it has been invigorating to see people discover our films night after night. From GOOD TIME to THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER to THE SQUARE and most recently HAPPY END, these films hopefully gave you an idea about what kind of films we as Anticipate Pictures stood for. And already, we started seeing a few regulars, whom I'm now able to identify by name (no small feat for someone like me! I'm terrible with names.) Be it a few people or in certain cases a packed house, as we introduce the films and tell you a little bit of the journey the film took to get to you, believe me when I say nothing else warms our hearts than your appreciation and the banter you have with us at the front-of-house before and after the screenings.

And now on Valentine's Day, we are on the eve of the first major film market in 2018 - Berlinale. Held every year over February - and if I'm lucky over Chinese New Year as well :) - we make the pilgrimage to wintry Berlin to see some films, and hopefully see something that will take our breath away, and better still, join us on our return journey back home to Singapore. Last year, when I was here, I discovered at least two wonderful films of which I managed to secure one back for us - A FANTASTIC WOMAN by Sébastian Lelio (we didn't get this though) as well as Liu Jian's HAVE A NICE DAY, the latter title which we eventually acquired.

Speaking of HAVE A NICE DAY, we are thrilled to premiere this subversive Chinese animation feature with the Singapore Cult and Underground Film Festival 2018! In about a week's time, on the 23 Feb at 8pm, we will finally unveil this film to Singapore audiences. A theatrical run is planned for April 2018, but why wait till then when you can see this controversial banned film uncut now and under the auspices of Singapore's only genre film fest? Get your tickets now at the SCUFF2018 banner below!

We are also glad to announce that our newest acquisition, FACES PLACES, will also receive its Singapore premiere with the Francophonie Festival on the Opening Night of their cinema selection! This March 8, come have dinner and a cocktail with your ticket and watch this crowd-pleasing and heartwarming Oscar-nominated documentary, starring the ever charming Agnes Varda and her wise-ass sidekick (and prominent street artist) JR as they tour rural France and through the simple act of photography, plumb profound truths about the lives of the villagers that often don't get recognised as their metropolitan peers.

As we take a break thanks to Chinese New Year, we are already preparing to show more films this end of February, all the way through March! Starting 25 Feb, we return with the absolutely gripping documentary CITY OF GHOSTS, which we played to sold-out houses back in November 2017 under the auspices of Singapore Writers Festival and Perspectives Film Festival. We will also have limited re-screenings of old favourites that we've played in Jan and early-Feb. Keep a look out on our website as well as join our Facebook page for the latest updates.

We hope you have enjoyed all the films we've single-handedly brought in all the way from these film festivals so far, and look forward to continuing your journey in discovering more exciting cinematic gems on the big screen at The Arts House. For me, well, I'll just try to stay warm as I traverse in the cold to the warmth of the cinema hall.

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year and see you after at the movies!

Yours sincerely,

Vincent, on behalf of the team from Anticipate Pictures


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