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NTCP8 - A Look Back at Films by Anticipate Pictures

Last year's sold-out screening of THE SQUARE at SGIFF 2017

Anticipate Pictures was founded to address one frustration - where did all the good films go? When was the last time we walked out of a cinema feeling like the film we just saw changed our lives? We wanted to provide an increasingly discerning filmgoing community the ability to see incredible films all year round on the big screen. We also specifically wanted to see more underrepresented films - acclaimed international arthouse hits; smaller English language films made by up-and-coming filmmakers; as well as documentaries from around the world. Most of these films would otherwise at best, be screened only once or twice by a film festival, if they even pick that title at all.

Introducing PATERSON, 13 June 2017 @ The Arts House

Since September 2016, Anticipate Pictures has released 12 films under the labels Anticipate Films and Anticipate Docs. Due to the niche quality of our films, we always ran into resistance at screening our films in the big cinema chains in our country. Hence, we were elated to finally be able to screen our films at The Arts House. However, as a non-traditional cinema, it has also been difficult to raise awareness about our presence, and highlight the fact that a new venue in Singapore is now the home for quality films from around the world.

Circa Jan 2018, when we first started exhibiting films at The Arts House

A patron looks at our film posters at The Arts House. Circa Dec 2017, during GOOD TIME's run.

In July 2018, Anticipate Pictures invites you to revisit some of our past films, where you get to choose 6 films to see once again on the big screen. As an extra incentive to see the films, we will provide discounts for every person in your party who attends - so the more people in your group, the bigger the discount for each of you! Special guests will grace the selected films at screenings, where we will discuss themes and topics in the films after. We will also launch our first t-shirt for sale. It’s a great time to be a cinephile!

Just a recap, here are our films thus far: (in order of release date from earliest to latest)

TONI ERDMANN dir. Maren Ade (Germany)

SAFARI dir. Ulrich Seidl (Austria)

PATERSON dir. Jim Jarmusch (U.S.A.)

GOOD TIME dir. Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie (U.S.A.)

THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER dir. Yorgos Lanthimos (U.K., Greece)

THE SQUARE dir. Ruben Östlund (Sweden)

HAPPY END dir. Michael Haneke (France, Austria)

CITY OF GHOSTS dir. Matthew Heineman (U.S.A.)

FACES PLACES dir. Agnes Varda, JR (France)

OH LUCY! Dir. Atsuko Hirayanagi (Japan, U.S.A.)

HAVE A NICE DAY dir. Liu Jian (China)

CUSTODY dir. Xavier Legrand (France)

An early flyer produced and distributed during the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) 2017.

Voting begins 18 June, 0000hrs, and will conclude by 1 July, 2359hrs. During the voting period, we will share some facts and figures from our company, through our blog and other anecdotes from our first two years. Why should you trust our taste in movies? Who is the person running this company? Do you know how a film finds its way from the filmmaker to your cinema screen? Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about our company, how the movie industry works, and how Anticipate Pictures will continue bringing you only the best in world cinema!


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